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Leeds PAT Testing

The Health and Safety Executive in the UK, and legislation such as the Electricity at Work Regulations, state that electrical appliances should be maintained to ensure that they are safe and pose no risk of injury to the persons using them. The only real way to comply with the various pieces of legislation is known as PAT testing and in Leeds it is an important part of any health and safety policy within the workplace. Testing should always be carried out by a competent PAT Tester.

With over twenty five percent of reported accidents involving electrical equipment, statistics show that in situations where PAT Testing does not take place in Leeds, electrical equipment has failed to be correctly maintained. Additionally, incidents of fire frequently start by electrical appliances either not being kept in good condition or by equipment being used for purposes other than intended or by being stored in unsuitable conditions.

The level to which the equipment has to be tested depends on the type of appliance, the nature and location in which it is used and the likelihood of it becoming faulty. The Health and Safety at Work Act places a legal obligation on employers and the self employed in situations where electrical appliances are used by employees in the workplace. This also applies to such places where repairs or services of equipment are carried out, or by the public for example, in shops, hotels, schools, medical centres, and rental shops with equipment for hire.

If you fall into any of the above mentioned categories or one similar, then you need to ensure your portable electric appliances have their PAT testing done in Leeds.