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PAT Test Power Tools?

Question: My question is whether or not there are any legal requirements for PAT testing of power tools for use of onshore and offshore, with regards to the need for the person carrying out the testing to be competent, or to hold a City & Guilds qualification for this type of testing.

My second question is whether or not a PAT tester is to be used? Alternatively, can an insulation tester and multimeter be used to obtain the results of the various tests?

Answer: There will still be a responsibility by the appropriate duty holder to ensure that any portable equipment used by employees are tested and inspected. This should generally apply either onshore or offshore. The person carrying out the inspection and testing should be competent, which means that he/she should have the appropriate knowledge, experience and of course training to prove his/her competency.

There is no requirement to use a PAT tester and an IR/continuity tester can be used. Of course, for some sensitive equipment e.g. IT equipment, then it would be more appropriate to use a PAT tester.

Source: Voltimum